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Niel de la Rouviere on Twitter

Woah. Who knew? The emoji is a ligature. So you can do this in your Chrome console. #mindblown

Develop (and test) a dockerized, PostgreSQL backed, ASP.NET Core microservice in less than an hour

These days a .NET developer can create, test and deploy powerful software without breaking sweat. Writing a scalable, easily deployable performant ASP.NET Core microservice is easier than ever.

Why does one NGINX worker take all the load?

Scaling up TCP servers is usually straightforward. Most deployments start by using a single process setup. When the need arises more worker processes are added. This is a scalability model for many applications, including HTTP servers like Apache, NGINX or Lighttpd.

The Configuration Complexity Clock

When I was a young coder, just starting out in the big scary world of enterprise software, an older, far more experienced chap gave me a stern warning about hard coding values in my software.

C# - Make C# More Dynamic with Hyperlambda

Traditionally, there have been just two types of programming languages: statically compiled languages and dynamically interpreted languages.

F# introduction for my coworkers A quick, dirty, and mostly wrong introduction to F#

This is a quick introduction to F# some essential features we use in our project at work. I've written this for my coworkers with little to no experience in F# or functional programming to get them up to speed on the basics needed to read, understand and contribute to our projects.

The Extreme World of Ultra Intense Lasers - with Kate Lancaster

The most powerful lasers in the world can be used to make some of the most extreme conditions possible on earth, and are revolutionising science. Dr Kate Lancaster leads you through this extreme world with demonstrations along the way. lasers were invented over half a c

The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection

I’ve been doing the local usergroup circuit with this lately and have been asked to write it up. In some ways this is old news, but in other ways…well, I think few realize how absolutely devastating and omnipresent this vulnerability can be.

Floating point numbers made simple

Based on a great post by Fabien Sanglard, over at, I figured I should add some more information about floating point numbers. The information is universally applicable to any programming language and comes in handy in many weird cases.


Welcome to the Book of the Runtime (BOTR) for the .NET Runtime. This contains a collection of articles about the non-trivial internals of the .NET Runtime. Its intended audience are people actually modifying the code or simply wishing to have a deep understanding of the runtime.

This Read-It-Later-list is just that, bookmarks of stuff I intend to read or have read. I do not necessarily agree with opinions or statements in the bookmarked articles.

This list is compiled from my Pocket list.